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Hello and welcome to everyone who plans to visit the beautiful city of Prague, thank you for visiting our website.

My name is Petr Prokopik and I founded Prague4gay in 2005 and run it with my British partner.

I am a graduate student of anthropology having obtained my PhD in 2008.

My experience in the tourist industry and my love of Prague's history, art and architecture motivated me to found my own guiding company.

Over many years it has been a great privilege and pleasure to guide people from all over the world and introduce them to the beautiful city of Prague.

Since my interest in anthropology has more and more been inclined towards sexuality and the gay movement, I decided to found Prague4gay as an organization combining my dedication to Prague with promotion of the gay movement in the Czech Republic.

The goal of Prague4gay is to present Prague as a liberal and gay friendly cultural metropolis to all gay visitors and their friends.

Special attention is paid to the education of Prague4gay guides. Unlike other companies, Prague4gay guides are educated and fully licensed by the Prague Jewish Museum and the state cultural institution (Prague Information Service) which governs Prague historical monuments such as Prague Castle. This fact not only gives you the guarantee of a professional and well informed guide but also means you are not having to pay the entrance fee to monuments for a non-licensed guide!

Apart from a guiding service, Prague4gay serves as a gay info resource offering information for LGBT visitors to Prague, such as a full list of gay & lesbian venues, advice on accommodation, dining and much more.

An important part of Prague4gay's activities is supporting a whole range of LGBT community projects, including the campaign for marriage equality Jsmefer (It's Only Fair), Czech Sisters of Perpetual indulgence and Prague Pride as well as the promotion of LGBT rights in the Czech Republic and HIV/AIDS awareness

Our motto is 'Knowledge with Fun' which symbolizes our ambition to show you Prague from a sophisticated yet friendly and amusing perspective.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit our pages and I hope to see you in Prague!

Petr Prokopik, Ph.D.

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