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Gay Marriage in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic became the second post-communist country to allow same-sex partnerships in 2006. The law gives gay couples rights to act on behalf of each other in common affairs, inherit a partner's property and raise children, but does not allow adoption.

There isn't full marriage for same sex couples(yet) in the Czech Republic but this is being actively pursued through the Jsmefer (It's Only Fair) campaign for equal marriage rights.

What the Czech Registered Partnership Act contains:

The conditions for entering a partnership are as follows: the partners must be at least 18 years of age, legally competent and single (i.e. neither registered in a partnership nor married). At least one of the partners must have Czech citizenship. The partners must not be next of kin in the direct line or siblings.

The partnership can be dissolved by court decision only.

Partners become 'close persons' according to the Civil Code and can act on behalf of each other in common affairs. They have mutual duty to maintain and support each other.

A surviving partner automatically belongs to the first inheritance group.

The partners are commonly assessed for the purposes of social support legislation.

They can participate in each other's business activities but are not allowed to employ one-another.

They are entitled to refuse to give testimony should this prejudice the other partner (applies to petty offences, penal offences, tax and duty administration).

The partners are entitled to select a counsel for each other, as well as to appeal from the judgment in favour of the sentenced partner.

A partner is entitled to use his/her partner's rented apartment for the duration of the partnership and in certain circumstances can inherit the right to be a tenant after the partner's death.

The marital status (like in the case of marriages) must be stated in the person's ID card.

A partner who applies for a job at the Labour Office has the right to refuse a particular job offer based on the job character or place of employment of his/her partner.

In 2012 a survey of 'Czechs support for gay rights' 75% of those surveyed supported 'registered partnerships' and 51% supported 'same-sex marriage'.

More information on Civil Partnership can be found on the Ministry of the Interior website.
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